St. Petersburg residents living near a wild monkey say it's time for the wild animal needs to be captured after the monkey attacked a woman.

Wildlife officials said the mystery monkey, believed to be from Central Florida, bit a 60-year-old woman during an "unprovoked attack" this week.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokesman Gary Morse said the woman was sitting outside Tuesday when the monkey bit her on the back.

The Tampa Bay Times reports the incident was reported to wildlife officials, who sent a trapper to the area.  A trap was placed near the victim's home.  As of Thursday, it remained empty, except for a bag of fruit and sandwiches.

Wildlife officials believe the attack occurred because some neighbors fed the monkey.

The wild rhesus macaque has become famous in the Tampa Bay area, even having a Facebook page created in its honor. The elusive monkey has also been featured on Comedy Central's Colbert Report after being spotted numerous times in the  area in recent years.

Officials have warned the public against feeding the monkey.

Officials believe the monkey was cast out of a colony in Silver Springs near Ocala in Marion County.