The bear that was burned and injured in a Lake County brush fire has still not been found Thursday.

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The bear was caught on home video escaping the blaze Wednesday afternoon.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials searched for the bear after receiving a call from someone who recorded the animal coming out of the woods near Mount Plymouth Golf Club.

"You could tell he was very focused on trying to walk," said Fred Antonio, who spotted the bear and shot the video. "The pads appeared pretty burnt and there was some flesh hanging off -- he was having some problems."

The video, shot as fires raged feet from homes, shows the large male black bear crawling on its forearms to escape his burning home in the woods.

"Since he's injured, he's probably going to find a nice spot to rest and recover," said Mike Orlando, a bear biologist with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. "He's licking his wounds and if we start chasing him that could actually impede the healing process."

Biologists think the bear was hibernating when the brush fire snuck up on him. Officials are worried if the fires keep flaring up, it may force the bear out of the area.

FWC stopped searching for the bear early Wednesday evening and have asked neighbors to call authorities if they spot the injured animal.

"I would like them to check him out to make sure he’s not injured in any way," said neighbor Naheelah Coffey.

"He evidently needs some sort of treatment on those poor paws. For him to be walking like that, it just broke my heart," said Mary Oplt, who said the bear is known throughout the neighborhood. 

Officials initially thought the bear was wearing a radio collar that was used in a research project several years ago that focused on bears and garbage; however, they now believe the animal was not wearing a collar.

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