A woman identified as witness 9 in the George Zimmerman case told investigators that he molested her when they were children.

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"It started when I was 6.  He's about two years older than I am," the woman recounted, saying that one incident occurred at Zimmerman's parents' house where she was staying while her family moved.  "He would reach under the blankets (while watching TV with others in the room) and try to do things, and I would try to push him off, but he was bigger and stronger and older – it was in front of everybody – and I don't know how I didn't say anything, but I just didn't know any better. 

Investigators asked specifically what Zimmerman did to her.

“He would put his hands under my pants, under my underwear (and molest me)."

The woman, who said her family got together with the Zimmermans at least once a year, said there were also other incidents, and she once told her sister about it.

"I said we were laying down," she said.  "And I thought that I was telling them, and they just ignored it.  And I just went to sleep crying because I didn't know better (how to explain it)."

She said when she was about 12 years old, Zimmerman showed her his penis and had her touch it.

"He would give me a certain look, and I would know if it was going to happen when we got together for family gatherings," she said. "He just got this look in his eye."

She also said that she knows of another person who was molested by Zimmerman.

"It's not just me that he did these things to," she said, adding that the other person did not want to discuss the allegations and would deny that anything happened.

The woman also recounted incidents when she was 13 or 14 years old in the interview with investigators and said she went to see Zimmerman alone when she was 16 years old.

In that incident, she said Zimmerman had her lie down while he massaged her, but she ran out of the house when he kissed her face and was aroused.

"I'm one of those people (who) want(s) to believe that everyone is good and that people change," she said while discussing that incident.  "I wanted it to just stop."

She said Zimmerman sucked up to her dad and was charming, funny and entertaining to others in her family.

"But he was different behind closed doors with me," she said. 

"Growing up, I told my friends, but I didn't tell my family.  I tried so hard to forget it all and to make it go away that I even forgot the good stuff."

Witness 9 said she later told her sister about the molestation, without providing details, and her sister told their parents.

Witness 9 said she then went to a Lake Mary restaurant with her parents and told Zimmerman that they needed to talk to him.

"Instead of talking about, he came in the restaurant, sat down at the end of the booth and he said, 'I'm sorry,' and he just got up and walked out," she said.

"(My parents') jaws dropped," she said, adding that her parents told Zimmerman's parents.  "But (his parents) never said anything to me. ...They just brushed it under the rug."

She added that she did not go into detail with her parents about the incidents.

"I was a pain in the butt as a child, and I told them, 'I don't want to talk about (specifics)," she said, adding that she has had flashbacks while she's with other men.

Investigators asked the woman why she's now coming forward with the information.

"This is the first time in my life that I'm not afraid. He can't get to me," she said. "With everything going on (in the Trayvon Martin case), I know I won't see him in public. I'm not afraid of him now."