Six months earlier, Henry Contreras and the fourth accused robber, Andres Perez, appeared together in a photograph that was published in a Southwest Florida newspaper.  The October 24, 2013 edition of the Immokalee Bulletin shows Perez and Contreras being recognized for their work with the football program at the high school where both attended in the 80's.  A caption under the photo describes Perez and Contreras as "fine gentlemen".

Perez, 44, has an extensive criminal history that includes arrests for  burglary, grand theft, and hiring a prostitute.  Records show he worked as a handyman and equipment operator.

Bower told detectives that Perez was the "leader of the group."  When investigators questioned Perez, he claimed he had never been to Windermere.  Perez said he joined the other suspects at the attempted break-in of the home in Dr. Phillips because one of the men owed money to the others.  Perez would not say who was owed the money, how much, or why, according to his arrest report.