Airline safety instructions, mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration, are nothing new.  In fact, travelers are used to seeing live in-flight safety demonstrations or even videos on board the aircraft.


But Virgin America's new Safety Dance video takes airline safety to a whole new level.

The company said it's the first airline safety video set entirely to music. It addresses all the usual topics set to various musical styles: gospel, rap, pop -- it's all there.

It's considered pretty catchy, with lyrics like: "For the .001 percent of you who have never operated a seat belt before: Really?!?"

Or, "Turn off your electrical devices as fast as you can, but whatever you do, don't make me ask you again."

Virgin America has tried entertaining videos before and it seems to be a way to get the point across in a way people will watch.

In fact, they may offer more Safety Dance videos in the future, and you can audition for them!

If you head to their website, download and listen to the song they have posted, andInstagram a video of your dance moves to it to #VXsafetydance. You can then return to the website to finish your entry.