With the help of an 18-year-old bystander, a Minnesota police officer was able to rescue a woman from a car fire sparked by lightning.

Anna Smith called police for help when her car stalled out on the highway. Officer Chris Burban received the call from dispatchers and headed toward Smith and her car.

However, shortly after the first call, Burban was told that Smith called back, saying her car was struck by lightning and engulfed in flames.

Dashboard camera footage shows a ball of flames around Smith's car when Burban arrived at the scene. Burban can be seen in the video rushing to the car, looking in the driver's side window and then running around to the passenger's side.

Moments after Burban showed up, 18-year-old Michael Smith ran across the road to help Burban punch out the window and get Smith out. The two of them managed to pull Smith out of the car and run to safety.

All three people had a few minor cuts but no major injuries.