Cellphones may be allowed in Lake County high school as reward

High school proposes letting students use phones at lunch

Published On: Sep 23 2013 04:40:42 PM EDT   Updated On: Sep 24 2013 06:29:20 AM EDT
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Lake County school leaders may let students use their cellphones at school as a reward, despite trying to keep them turned off at school.

South Lake High School leaders are considering letting students use cellphones, tablets and other devices as a reward for good behavior, according to the school board agenda.

The policy waiver is expected to be approved and would allow kids to use the devices at lunch or under supervision and adhere to the Student Code of Conduct for the remainder of the day.

The request is part of the school's new "positive behavior support" strategy. The policy waiver has also been approved and shown positive results for other Lake County High Schools, officials said.