A Brevard County mother is facing felony child neglect charges after she allegedly didn't enroll her elementary school-aged daughter in school this past school year.

Susanne Macchione, 28, was arrested Tuesday and booked into the Brevard County jail on a $2,500 bond, but neighbors said she has since bonded out.

Police were originally called to Macchione's home after she apparently was driving on a suspended license. It wasn't until then that they learned she never enrolled her daughter in school.

Macchione told investigators she was teaching her daughter at home by reading her books because the school she was supposed to go to was too full. But according to arrest documents, she later admitted she didn't enroll her child in homeschooling courses either.

When investigators asked the little girl what grade she should be in she said, "I should be in second (grade) with my friends."

Brevard County School Board officials said turning a child away from school is never their policy when it comes to classrooms being too crowded.

It's not known if the girl will go to school next year.