There you are. Big store, huge aisles, no one to help you.

Or big store, huge aisles, lots of people to help you, but no one does.

Sound familiar?  It just might be the common saga of shopping retail in big box stores. To find out just how retailers measure up when it comes to customer contact, Local 6 visited 25 stores, five retailers in five different locations, across Central Florida. 

We timed out how long it would take for a store employee to make meaningful customer contact. Not just a hello, but an offer to help.

Our supermarket visits included Publix and the groceries at Walmart and Target. 

For Home Improvement, we went to Lowe’s and Home Depot. There was a huge range of customer contact results, from a rapid-fire “hello” and offer to help in two seconds at Home Depot, to a mind-numbing 40-minute-plus wait at Target and Walmart. 

We spent a fair amount of time in all of the stores, at all of the retailers, largely ignored by workers. 

Watch the video above to see what it’s like to be ignored, in case you’ve never run into this problem where you shop (watch it anyway; if for no other reason, it’s affirming).

Below are the results of our customer service challenge. The times represent how long it took a store employee to acknowledge us, engage us, and offer to help.



Ocoee                     5:12

College Park             :51

Daytona                21:15

Oviedo                   14:15         

Port Orange            6:15

Publix average       9:33


Princeton/Orlando   10:45

Ocoee                            6:30

Port Orange                 40:21*

Apopka                             :40

Sanford                          24:36

Walmart average         16:34

*we exited the store at 40:21 after no sales associate made customer contact