“We appreciate you letting us know about the customer service you experienced at the five Lowe’s stores you’d visited.

“We place a high premium on providing excellent service to our customers. This entails everything from a friendly greeting when meeting a customer to offering expert assistance with more complex projects. We provide incentives for stores and employees who provide outstanding customer service, and, regardless of their role in our stores, expect all employees to engage with our customers. There are always opportunities for improvement. In the spirit of ‘Never Stop Improving,’ we plan to use the information you’ve shared about your experience as an additional training tool to better our employee interactions.”  Karen Cobb, Lowe’s.


“Our associates work hard every day to offer our customers the experience they come to expect while shopping at Walmart. We have a long history of greeting customers when they come into our stores, and our greeters, many of whom are recognizable figures in their community, do a great job. It’s unfortunate they were not included in this story.”  Molly Philhours, Walmart.


“Meaningful interaction we have with our customers through our stores, our associates, even our online storefront is ‘customer contact.’ That's why we provide our associates with a specific process for assisting customers, as well as training to ensure they are clear on that process and expectations.

Unlike most retailers, our customers come to us with a problem they need help fixing or a project they need help with. Our goal is to solve their problems and the first step in doing that is to seek out those customers and ask how we can help.  It's hard to put a time stamp on customer service. That's why we have greeters stationed at our entranceways to make contact with our customers right off the bat and help direct them to the right department for what they need. From there, we have sales associates stationed at the front of each aisle during Power Hours - our peak times of the day - to identify customers that need help and assist.

“Every associate has a set outline of behaviors under our Customers FIRST training. That way, for example, cashiers and sales associates know exactly what their roles are and how that role impacts a different part of the customer experience from shopping to checkout. All associates are trained on Customers FIRST and are expected to provide excellent customer service whenever on the sales floor. And in fact, we've worked very hard to reduce tasks in our stores - such as stocking shelves - to give our associates more time to spend with customers.

"All Home Depot associates are trained on Customers FIRST and are instructed to follow the appropriate protocol for their position. For example, our associates on the Merchandising Execution Team who stock the bays are expected to approach customers who are close to the bays that they are working and to ask if the customer needs help.  For easy questions ("where do I pay?") our MET Associates help the customer themselves. For more complicated questions ("how do I re-tile my bathroom?") the MET Associates find the right store associate and ‘hand off’ the customer to a person who can better assist them.” Katherine Ellison, The Home Depot.

Target did not respond to our video clips and customer contact results.  The company declined to comment for this story.