DCF investigating Lake Mary day care after sex abuse allegation

Legacy Academy worker arrested

Published On: Feb 19 2014 04:07:13 PM EST   Updated On: Feb 20 2014 07:24:04 AM EST

The Florida Department of Children and Families is now investigating a day care facility after a teacher was arrested and charged with sexually abusing a young girl at Legacy Academy in Lake Mary.

Harry Shane Rubin, 40, of Osteen, faced a judge on Tuesday, answering to allegations that he would bribe the girl with candy during naptime to touch him sexually.

Local 6 has now learned this isn't the first time DCF has intervened and investigated a teacher at Legacy Academy.

In 2010, DCF investigators looked into an incident in which a teacher locked a young child in a closet as a form of punishment.

That's just one of four cases they looked into over a five year period, according to DCF records.

"We want to make sure that as soon as the childcare was aware of the situation that they took the appropriate action by notifying officials in a timely manner," said DCF spokeswoman Kristi Gray.

That is one thing DCF and the Seminole County Sheriff's Department is now looking into as part of their current investigation into the daycare.

According to DCF records, the teacher accused of locking the child in a closet was fired, and the same is apparently true for Rubin, who told a judge on Tuesday is now unemployed.

That's good news for DCF investigators.

"That tells us they're committed to the safety of their kids and committed to making the right decisions when issues arise," Gray said.

Local 6 tried for a second day to talk to the owners of Legacy Academy, and each time we tried we were told the owners were in meetings.

Rubin's arraignment is scheduled for April 8 at the Seminole County Courthouse.