ST. PETERS, Missouri -

A daughter gave her father an unforgettable gift during her holiday choir concert.

Thanks to a hearing aid equipped with new technology, Ken Stehle was able to hear his daughter's surprise singing solo. The father, who has been deaf for more than a half-a-century, had never heard her voice before.  

"He was just closing his eyes and listening to my voice," Ashley Stehle told KSDK-TV.

Stehle's father received a new hearing aid, which has only been available for 12 months. The technology requires his daughter to wear a special microphone with a receiver that coincides with the hearing aid.

When it came time for the show, her father wasn't expecting her solo because it wasn't in the program. She wanted the performance to be a complete surprise. 

"It's amazing.  I had goosebumps all over me," Ken Stehle said, "I'm very proud of my daughter."

Ken Stehle says he's grateful for his hearing aid. He said he is also amazed at how many sounds there are in everyday life.