DeLAND, Fla. -

After a Thanksgiving thief stole an 8-year-old DeLand boy's bike, his neighbors' kindness has more than made up for the loss.

Shane Whitney says he left his bike outside for a few minutes while he went inside his house to get a drink.

"I went to come ride my bike again and it was gone," he said.

His mom, Melissa Whitney, believes that gave the thief just enough time to steal the bike and disappear.

Melissa Whitney was so outraged over the theft, she placed a sign in her yard that reads, "To whoever stole my second grader's bike, Happy Holidays to you."

Then the bikes started rolling in, one donation after another. Melissa Whitney says she's already had to turn down two bikes and one person even offered to donate a bike via a letter in her mailbox.

"I just felt so blessed that there's still so many nice people here in the world," she said.

One of the donated bikes was the perfect size for her son, and now he's back to riding daily. Since the theft though, he's also learned how to properly secure his bike.

The Whitneys plan donating the extra bike they have to a local church.