A DeLeon Springs man was arrested for stealing six cows from his neighbor, deputies said.

Volusia County Sheriff's deputies charged Mark Strawn, 61, with stealing farm animals.

The owner of the cows, Mack Yelvington, said he noticed his cows on Strawn's property in May.

"We gave him every opportunity in the world, to do the right thing, and he chose not to do the right thing," said Yelvington.

Deputies said Strawn was aware the cows had wandered onto his property, but refused to give them back.

"He just, he didn't want us on his land basically, was the problem," said Yelvington.

According to the report, Strawn dodged phone calls and text messages from deputies for over a month, and on Monday, after a last-attempt to get a hold of him at his ranch was unsuccessful, a deputy got a warrant for his arrest.

Yelvington said branding and tagging his cows paid off.

"Like the old saying, good fences but brand your cows," said Yelvington.