Orange county investigators are trying to confirm a homeowner's story after he told them he and his friends tackled an armed robber, took away his gun and then used it to shoot and kill him.

Orange County deputies were called to the home of Usaf-Ali Castle in the 2700 block of Elmhurst Circle in Orlando, just after 3 a.m. Saturday morning.  They were responding to a call of a burglary of a residence in progress.

Deputies say the suspect broke into the home through a window.  Castle and three other men were recording music inside.  One of the men, a former high school football player, tackled the gunman and knocked the weapon out of his hand.

Castle told Local 6 that he did not hesitate to grab the gun and then shot the alleged crook five times.

Castle is not facing any charges and deputies say they are still looking for two other men who were involved in the break-in.