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Paddling banned in Marion County schools

The Marion County School Board voted Tuesday to again ban the paddling of students. The controversial punishment was brought back last year.


FCAT issues plague schools

Leaders with the Florida Department of Education said they were hopeful that a network problem would be fixed in time for assessment testing to resume after a glitch blocked students from taking the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test.

Supreme Court

Chris Turner/CNN

Michigan affirmative action ban upheld

The Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld a Michigan law banning the use of racial criteria in college admissions, a key decision in an unfolding legal and political battle nationally over affirmative action.

The justices found 6-2 that a lower court did…

Rand Paul

Eric Thayer/Reuters

Rand Paul in Chicago: School choice is 'the great equalizer'

Continuing his outreach to minority voters, Sen. Rand Paul told an audience in Chicago Tuesday that the debate over school choice is not a Republican vs. Democrat issue, but a fight between the "dead-enders" and "those who believe in innovation."

School Classroom

Stetson grads do best on Fla. Bar exam

Stetson University law school graduates had the highest passage rate on the Florida Bar's February exam for prospective attorneys.

College, university students

Grads hit with defaults when co-signers die

Student loan borrowers are suddenly being thrown into default when the co-signer on their loan -- often a parent or grandparent -- dies or files for bankruptcy.

FCAT Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test

Teacher: FCAT has nothing to do with my curriculum

The Florida Department of Education’s pursuit of teacher assessment based on his or her students’ performance on FCAT math and reading results is being called “slanderous and humiliating” by a Central Florida music instructor.

man looking at computer screen

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How some colleges are offering free textbooks

Open textbooks are catching on among educators and institutions looking to save students money.



The rise of college 'study drugs'

Around this time of year, you're more likely to find college students in the library cramming for final exams than out partying. In an environment where the workload is endless and there's always more to be done, a quick fix to help buckle down and…

Orange County teacher pay raises

Orange County teachers to get pay raises

Orange County teachers will get their pay raises, but it took the Orange County School Board more than five hours to approve how exactly it will be structured.


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