Several of Dunn's friends and a co-worker also took the stand, saying he was a nice guy, a pilot and someone they'd never expect to be involved in something like this.

Attorney Randy Reep, who's not affiliated with the case, said he thinks Dunn needs to testify.

"We really have never heard from Michael Dunn's statements," Reep said. "So for people -- a jury -- to find him justifiable in shooting a 17-year-old man, they're going to have to understand why he did it. And I think he's the only one that can bring it out."

The risk, Reep said, is that Dunn opens himself up to cross examination by the state.

Kenneth Adkins, of Save Our Sons, said this trial allows for more conversation.

"This is an opportunity to open the dialogue between different races and ages of people so that the stereotypical view of each other can be changed. I think that's key," he said.