Facebook knows when you will be dumped?

Study predicts relationship trends

Published On: Oct 30 2013 02:28:36 PM EDT   Updated On: Oct 30 2013 02:33:26 PM EDT

There is no argument that Facebook has a lot of information about you, but now, a new study says it can even predict when you will be dumped.

New research from Facebook and Cornell University suggests the social network can even figure out who your boyfriend is, even if it's not listed on Facebook.

According to PolicyMic, a study looked at 1.3 million Facebook users listed in a relationship.

They applied a formula they came up with and discovered they could predict how long the relationship would last not only based on how many friends you have in common, but what kind of friends.

If you and your significant other have many mutual friends that include high school, college, work and other friends, the relationship may not last as long.

However, if you and your significant other have clear groups of separate friends, the relationship may last longer.