Local 6 sifted through a massive Department of Transportation report to figure out how many problems there are when it comes to airline travel around the United States.

Local 6 found out more than 6,200 complaints about delays and reservation mix-ups have been made so far this year nationwide. That blew away the other top complaint -- lost or damaged baggage.

To cut down on delays at Orlando International Airport, the numbers show the best time to depart Orlando is in the early morning or late at night.

The worst part of the day for leaving on time is 5 p.m. or anytime in the early evening.

The five airlines with the best on-time records at Orlando International are: Virgin Airways with a 93percent on time record, followed by Airtran, Delta, US Airways and United.

The five airlines with the worst on-time records are Jet Blue, Alaska, Southwest, Frontier and, at the bottom, American Airlines with a 79 percent on-time record.

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