It's a historic yellow Victorian home that has one unique feature -- a 14-year-old ghost.

The owners of the Sandlin home claim it is haunted by the ghost of Mary Leah.

"It's a great view and it's a great place to be," owner Vander Wynn told WINK-TV. "And if you have a perpetual 14-year-old teenage girl playing tricks on you, it's kind of fun."

The Wynns say kerosene spilled onto Mary Leah, causing her to catch fire and burn to death. Since then, the home is said to be haunted. The Wynns claim to hear Mary Leah's footsteps and the rustling of the ghost's petticoats.

"She's really not scary," Natalie Wynn told WINK-TV. "She just makes noise. Sometimes I've told her, 'You need to be quiet!'"

The asking price for the Punta Gorda home is $1.59 million.