Florida man's awkward Vine goes viral

Neighbor's dance moves bring video thousands of views

Published On: Aug 07 2013 03:14:06 PM EDT   Updated On: Aug 07 2013 03:17:06 PM EDT

A Miami man's video of his neighbor's dance to "Blurred Lines" is getting thousands of views.

Yoeslan Alfaro of Miami, Florida was giving his neighbor a ride when the Robin Thicke song "Blurred Lines" came on the radio.

His neighbor, in the back seat wearing a tie-dyed tank top and denim shorts, can be seen shimmying and dancing along as Alfaro captured the moment.

Alfaro, who goes by the handle "yashots," took the quick video using Vine back on June 23. It's been getting more attention since @FunnyVines tweeted a link to the video on Monday and Gawker picked up the story on Tuesday.

It's since gained more than 66,000 likes and has been shared (or "revined") about 69,000 times.

Watch Alfaro's Vine below.