A former Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority board member has been formally removed from office.

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Gov. Rick Scott signed the order removing Scott Batterson from office on Friday.

The removal was more a formality than anything since Batterson was suspended after his indictment in April.

The Expressway Authority was replaced by a regional operation last month.

According to testimony, Batterson offered a businessman with an engineering firm a contract worth $5 million a year if the firm would agree to hire his friends.

"This was not a casual conversation. We made that clear with the evidence we presented," state prosecutor Deborah Barra told Local 6 this week.

The defense rested without calling any witnesses, but did call into question the credibility of the states star witness Mark Callahan.

"He lied on the stand and he admitted he was a liar," Amy Tingley, Batterson's attorney said. "We're very disappointed."

An Orange County jury found 38-year-old Batterson guilty of two second-degree felony charges. He faces 15 years in prison and fines on each of the counts of bribery and solicitation for receiving unlawful compensation.

Sentencing is set for October.