Fox mistaken for bobcat prompts brief lock down at South Florida school

Traps now set to catch animal

Published On: Sep 16 2013 06:08:55 PM EDT

South Florida officials locked down an elementary school after a what they thought was a bobcat was spotted wandering the campus.

Officials later said that animal was actually a fox.

Grove Park Elementary School in Palm Beach Gardens was locked down for about a half-hour Monday morning.

Palm Beach County School District spokesman Owen Torres says the fox was cornered by a private contractor hired by the district.

Torres tells The Palm Beach Post that the fox will be turned over to state wildlife officials.

Officials were initially worried about a possible bobcat on campus because they can grow up to 20 pounds. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, bobcats have a natural fear of people. Commission spokeswoman Carli Segelson says bobcats are shy and reclusive. She also says that the only time there might be a concern would be if the bobcat had rabies.