"Is that not anything?" Guy said. "Your verdict won't change the past but it will define it." Guy said Martin is "entitled" to a guilty verdict.

Guy then referred to Zimmerman's interview on the 'Hannity' show, when he said the shooting was "God's plan."

O'Mara objected to a part of Guy's rebuttal where he discusses reasonable doubt. Nelson said that she will instruct the jury about the reasonable doubt law.

"This case is not about race. It is about right and wrong," Guy said, ending his rebuttal with high emotions and thanking the jury.

A day earlier, prosecutors made the case that Zimmerman assumed Martin was a criminal up to no go when he confronted him in his neighborhood. A scuffle followed, and Zimmerman fired his gun.

The jury will also be able to consider a lesser charge of manslaughter for Zimmerman. Nelson's ruling to allow consideration of the manslaughter charge came despite the objections of Zimmerman's lawyers.  Nelson, however, did not allow the jury to consider a third charge of third-degree murder based on child abuse, despite the state's request.

The court on Thursday also released jury instructions, which the state and defense agreed upon after hours of argument.  The all-women jury will read the 27-page document before deciding Zimmerman's fate.

The defense claims Zimmerman killed Martin in self-defense and will give its closing arguments a day after the prosecution spent two hours summarizing its case.

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