Juror 5 (E6)

White woman about 40 years old, married, stay-at-home mother of two

Biographical information:  Originally from Brevard County, moved to Orange County but has lived in Seminole County since 2004.  Currently out of work.  Husband is engineer.  Said she was arrested when she was younger and was guilty.  Church member who volunteers with kids at school.  Likes to garden. No military or prior jury service.  Has a family friend who is a SWAT detective.  Husband owns a handgun and rifles.  Says she made Zimmerman-Martin altercation a "teaching moment" for her kids.  Also says she was a domestic violence victim.

News exposure: Saw local TV news coverage, reads OrlandoSentinel.com.  Heard 911 calls in the case but didn't think much could be made from them.  Thought shooting was sad.  Knew that there was argument over experts in the case.


Juror 6 (E40)

White woman in her  60s, married, adult son, employed

Biographical information: Lived in Iowa and moved to Seminole County in November because of her job.  Previously lived in California and Pennsylvania, where she is from.  She is a workplace safety officer.  Husband is a chemical engineer.  Has a 28-year-old son who is an unemployed.  She served on a criminal case jury in Pennsylvania but was not the foreman. 



E54 -- 50-year-old white man, married with two children.

E13 -- 20-year-old white woman who's a surgical assistant

E28 -- 55-year-old white woman, married with two children

Note:  B72 --  20-year-old white man, single with no children (Dismissed for reasons not related to case.)

(Also, please note that all ages are approximate.)