"We still don't know what his (Reich's) methods are and what his findings were," West said, adding that no other expert has heard what Reich reportedly heard.

West said analyzing the 911 audio calls was a "waste of time" and said Reich's report should begin "it was a dark and stormy night," because it lacks scientific evidence.

In rebuttal, Mantei said the hearing is not an "acronym contest" and that a Ph.D. is not needed to analyze audio samples.

Wayman was unable to testify for the defense at the June 8 hearing, prompting the hearing delay.He testified on Wednesday that he was baffled by Reich's methodology in his testing.

He also said looping audio for analysis, as Owen did, is not accurate. Wayman said software doesn't exist, calling it "breathtakingly new" when West asked if the methodology would be new and novel.

The six-person jury and 4-person alternate jury was seated earlier Thursday afternoon after nearly nine days of questioning.

Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder for fatally shooting 17-year-old Trayvon Martin during a struggle in a gated community where he lived. He is pleading not guilty, claiming self-defense.

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Martin's family claim the cries came from the teen while Zimmerman's father has testified they were those of his son.