A 12-year-old girl has never seen "A Christmas Story," but she has a story to tell that comes straight from the holiday classic.

Maddie Gilmartin was helping her dad clear snow after a storm last week when curiosity got the best of her.  She decided to find out what would happen if she touched her tongue to a frozen flag pole.

It only took seconds for her to realize it was a big mistake.  Her tongue was immediately frozen to the pole, and when she tried to pull her tongue off, she began to bleed.

Her dad, Shawn Gilmartin, was plowing snow at the end of the driveway and says he saw her waving but did not know what was happening until he got closer. 

He tried to help get Maddie free. 

"I had my hands cupped, I was blowing, breathing on her lips and tongue," he said.

Maddie was stuck to the pole for 15 minutes before her mom and dad got her free by using warm water while waiting for paramedics to arrive.

Maddie says it feels like a swarm of bees attacked her lips.  She's expected to be OK.