A 59-year-old Port Orange man was arrested after two girls claim he was filming them as they showered at a campground.

The family was on their second day of vacation at Nova Family Campground on Herbert Street in Port Orange.

Police arrested Robert Henry on a misdemeanor charge for loitering and prowling.

Police are obtaining a search warrant to look through his cellphone to see if he took video or pictures of the family. Police said if they find evidence that he did so, he could see charges of voyeurism.

The family told Local 6 off camera that they fear the girls were being watched even before this allegedly happened.

The girls said they were showering Wednesday evening when they say they saw a cellphone being held up to the window by a man. According to Henry's arrest report, the girls told their parents, who went looking for the man.

"I said to my husband, 'There is something going on, because they were all running, they were running like mad," said visitor Linda English, who was at the camp visiting from New York.

She said she was outside when she spotted the family chasing Henry.

"It seemed like they came out of there, followed the dude, and immediately ran into the office. I mean, kids in tow," said English.

Port Orange Police tracked Henry down. His arrest report states Henry, who has been staying at the site for a few months, told officers he rode his bicycle to the bathroom and was snapping pictures of the bike because he was restoring it.

Thursday night the lot he had been staying in was empty.

"I was surprised because I don't think he had intended to leave," said his neighbor Al Fox.

English said she watched as detectives escorted Henry off the property soon after posting bond.

"They stood there the whole time, watched him, he unhooked everything and then took off," said English.

Neighbors said if what the girls saw is true, it's unnerving.

"It's just surprising that somebody would be that stupid with a telephone," said Fox.

"It just really upsets us," said English.

The family said they are moving on with their vacation, hoping to go to the theme parks Friday and forget what happened.

Henry posted bond for his loitering and prowling charge.

Port Orange Police said he was charged with a misdemeanor because he couldn't explain why he was hanging outside of the girls' bathroom, but if something is found on his phone, there could be more charges.