Vincent DiMaio

13. Vincent Di Maio testified on July 9. Di Maio is a forensic pathologist who testified about the packaging of Martin's hooded sweatshirt.

14. Norton Bonaparte testified on July 9. Bonaparte is the Sanford City Manager who played the Martin family the 911 call with the screams in the background before it was released to the media.

Eloise DIlligard

15. Eloise Dilligard testified on July 9. Dillgard is Zimmerman's neighbor at the Retreat at Twin Lakes complex.

Dennis Root

16.Dennis Root testified on July 10. Root is a law enforcement expert who specializes in self-defense and "stand your ground" issues.

Olivia Bertalan

17.Olivia Bertalan testified on July 10. Bertalan lived in the same complex as Zimmerman and experienced a break-in, causing her to move out of the complex.

Robert Zimmerman Sr

18. Robert Zimmerman, Sr., testified on July 10. Zimmerman Sr. is George Zimmerman's father. He testified that it was his son's voice screaming in the background of the 911 call.