Corey left the room as O'Mara questioned Kruidbos, who said he was suspicious when no deleted information showed up in the forensic analysis of Martin's phone done by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, prompting him to seek more.

Kruidbos said the FDLE report on Martin's phone had 1/23 of the information he recovered when he ran the report, and that he recovered 35 times more much data than the actually on the phone and he ran a report that was 35 times larger than the FDLE report.

Kruidbos' findings included deleted large photos, including pictures of handgun and drugs, along with text messages, and what he described as photos of naked underage girls.

"There were images of Trayvon Martin blowing smoke. There were images of pot plants," Krudbois said. "There was an image of a hand holding a gun. There were images of what appeared to be underaged females that were naked and there were images of a clump of jewelry on the bed."

The voice recognition expert issues have also not yet been discussed at Thursday's court hearing. Prosecutors have hired voice recognition experts who have given mixed opinions on whether screams for help on 911 calls were those of Zimmerman or Martin.

Nelson first denied the defense's motion to keep three witnesses anonymous. O'Mara said he wanted the three witnesses, including one eyewitness to the Martin and Zimmerman encounter. O'Mara said a screen should be blocking the witness box when they are testifying.


Thursday's court hearing, which is being streamed live on, will tie up several loose ends before the start of the former neighborhood watch leader's murder trial next week.  Jury selection is scheduled to begin Monday.

Zimmerman has pleaded not guilty, claiming self-defense.  A delay in Zimmerman's arrest led to protests nationwide. Martin was black. Zimmerman's father is white, and his mother is Hispanic.

The trial is expected to last more than a month.

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