The award-winning restaurant and inn Chalet Suzanne is closing after 83 years of business in Lake Wales.

The historic location started in 1931 and has been operated by the Hinshaw family for five generations.

The current owners, Dee and Eric Hinshaw, said via Facebook that they have decided to "retire their efforts ... and sell the property" in order to serve the community in other ways.

The business has received many accolades in its nearly century-long run, including recognition from The New York Times and multiple Golden Spoon Awards from Florida Trend.

Chalet Suzanne's Chalet survived a devastating kitchen fire that destroyed most of the house, but the Hinshaw family quickly rebuilt the house from salvaged parts of a horse stable, a game room and servants' quarters, making it the unique facade that it is today.

According to an email sent out by the Hinshaw family, the closing date is set for around Aug. 4.