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Officials didn't investigate escape try

Seven months before convicted murderers Charles Walker and Joseph Jenkins escaped from state prison using phony court documents, a fellow inmate at Franklin Correctional Institution was caught trying to do the same thing.

Shark generic

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Shark attack trends offer clues to ...

The setting is just right for interaction between sharks and people in the waters off Central Florida’s beaches.

Motorcycles on I-4

Motorcyclists shut down I-4, post videos to social media

During a June street ride with about 150 motorcyclists, the group backed up and blocked traffic on I-4 and then performed stunts in the middle of the highway. 

911 Call Ransom

Con-man stages ransom call to couple

A Polk County couple married for 13 years got the scare of their lives when a man claiming to be a paramedic on the scene of an accident claimed he'd found their number in the emergency contact list of an injured woman's cellphone.

Record auto industry recalls

Millions of car recalls spark confusion

With nearly 40 million car recalls so far this year, car manufacturers have already recalled more vehicles in 2014 than any other year in history.



Specialists restore vision to aging pets

We all know our pets can be like members of our family, and when they need medical care we want the best.

TSA OIA security

Bomb-sniffing dogs added to OIA security

A new canine program at Orlando International Airport could mean you get to keep your shoes on the next time you walk through airport security.

Daytona Beach nursing home

Daytona nursing home license downgraded

Daytona Beach Health and Rehabilitation Center -- the nursing home at the center of a Daytona Beach Police Department investigation -- has a troubled past, according to Florida's Agency for Healthcare Administration.

RFID Armor

UCF grad marketing RFID security 'shield'

Nolan Wilson, 40, has taken a break from his life on the Nascar racing circuit to market what he calls RFID "Military Grade" wallets and passport billfolds designed to stop high tech thieves.


Get your Stitch Fix at home

A new trend is allowing busy women to shop without leaving their home and without even having to choose their items.


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