Lake County school board members on Monday will hear from parents who are concerned about new busing rules that go into effect when school starts next week.

Beginning next Monday, students who live within two miles of their designated school will not be provided busing. Lake County school board members eliminated "courtesy busing" as part of an effort to close a $16 million budget gap.

Although it doesn't appear on the school board agenda, mothers like Jamie Mullins say they plan to use the public comments portion of the meeting to express their concerns about their children's safety.

Mullins' 11 year old son Caleb will have to cross railroad tracks and walk along U.S. Highway 441 as he walks to Triangle Elementary School on Monday. She says it's a dangerous two mile walk.

School board members will vote on another measure outlining which student-led organizations will be allowed on campuses throughout the school district.

The measure, which will have its second reading, allows high school leaders to have discretion over clubs and organizations.

At the elementary school level, clubs will be required to be academically driven.

At the middle school level clubs must meet the following criteria: sponsorship of a school leader, be academically driven, build critical thinking skills, promote athletics, performing/visual arts or business skills.

The new rules come after school leaders shut down a gay straight alliance at a Lake County middle school last school year. It's still unclear whether that organization will resume when school starts.