OCALA, Fla. -

Marion County deputies have arrested a man who they say was building machine guns inside of his Ocala home.

Charles Lester,48, has been charged with six counts related to illegal weapons and drug paraphernalia.

Deputies said they received a tip that Lester was building the guns inside his home on Dogwood Trail Court and upon arriving, they found two guns on Lester without a concealed weapons permit. Detectives found 16 guns in Lester's home, five of which were converted to fully automatic rifles.

Also found in Lester's home was rolling papers, a grinder, a cigarette roller and a blue glass pipe. He was arrested on $16,000 bond. His charges include carrying a concealed firearm, possession of a short barrelled gun rile or machine gun, carrying a weapon openly, two counts of a possession of automatic firearm and possession of drug paraphernalia.

It's not clear why Lester was building the guns.