People drove in from all over the country to walk with Marlon Brown's family and friends on Saturday.

The march was a celebration of his life, and a protest of how it ended.

One year ago, the father of two was run down by a Deland Police officer.

It was captured on the patrol car's dash camera.

That officer, James Harris, was fired, but a Grand Jury cleared him of any wrongdoing.

Cephus ‘Uncle Bobby’ Johnson, drove in from California to march with Brown's family.

In 2009, cell phone video shows an officer fatally shoot his 22-year-old nephew, Oscar Grant, in the back for allegedly resisting arrest.

That officer was convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

"We always say that had it not been for the Oakland community, standing with us, praying with us, going back and forth to court with us, crying with us, and utilizing their First Amendment right to speak to the very injustice that they witnessed, we wouldn't had never been able to do it," he said.

Some people marching say trust needs to be built between the African American community, and the Deland Police Department.

"We are all human, they need to make better choices and stand up for what is right," said Gwendolyn Williamson.