Florida voters are months away from deciding if the state will approve medicinal marijuana, and some are trying to get a head start on making it a business.

"There is the potential for it to be very profitable," Wayne Erdman told Local 6.

Erdman travelled from Louisiana to Orlando to attend a conference about making marijuana a business. Speakers talked about everything from dispensaries to distribution.

Dooma Wendschuf warns it may not be as simple as people think.

"A lot of people think this is a new industry, I can just go out there and open a dispensary." Wendschuf said. "I got news for you... That problem has been solved already."

Wendschuf is giving a speech called starting a cannabis company and for some attendees it is a dose of reality. He points out companies have been running dispensaries for years in other states and they already have the knowledge, the capital and experience.

Wendschuf said they have their sights on Florida. He said those wanting to break into the industry have to bring something new.

"Just trying to be a 'Me too' is never going to work in this industry," said Wendschuf.