"Something funny here?" Bao asked from the stand, seemingly offended.

West asked Nelson to copy the notes, but Bao said, "No, you cannot. It's my work."

Nelson called a lunch break until 1 p.m. and a limited inquiry was held after lunch.  That's when Bao changed his opinion for how long Martin was alive. Bao originally thought Martin was alive from one to three minutes at his November 2012 deposition.

Bao said an autopsy three weeks ago in "similar case" changed his opinion about how long Martin may have lived. Also during his November deposition, Bao said the THC in Martin's body would have no effect. Now, he says it would. Nelson ruled that Martin's previous drug use would still be barred from being brought up in the presence of the jury.

The judge decided there was no Richardson violation because Bao didn't tell the state his new findings, therefore the state didn't keep it from the defense. A Richardson hearing determines if one side failed to turn over evidence and if the offended trial has been prejudiced. Richardson violations can also lead to motions for mistrial.

When cross-examination continued, West asked for details about how Bao got samples from Martin's fingernails and how he got blood samples.

Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder for fatally shooting Martin. He has pleaded not guilty, claiming self-defense.

Bao's testimony followed Martin's mother and brother testifying they believed cries for help on a 911 call are those of Martin.

Upon questioning from West, Bao said abrasions on Martin's fingers could be from striking someone, hitting concrete, or falling to the ground after being shot, but not on grass.

Bao said Martin could move a little bit after being shot. West asked, "could he pull his hands in?"

"I don't know," Bao said. "In this world, only one person knows."

West, appearing to get frustrated with Bao, said "You can't shoot anybody in a laboratory."

West then asks Bao about the gun being pressed up against Martin's body. Bao said while loose contact muzzle-to-hoodie is clear, wound to skin "is not a contact ... would be very different."

During redirect, de la Rionda asked if Martin had any chance of survival from gunshot wound, to which Bao said no.

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