So if anti-depressants or hormone therapy aren't for you.

What about a third option -- a more natural approach?

Research released just this summer touts certain fruits with reducing hot flashes.

Scientists followed six thousand women for nine years and found loading up on strawberries, pineapple, and melon worked for about one in five women.

Beans like lentil, chickpeas and edamame are also a natural source of estrogen.

Options, but not an exact science, like the measured hormones in patches and pills.

“Ultimately we have to caution our patients because we don't know how much estrogen you're consuming,” said Greves.

As for Grant and her husband, battery operated fans and trips to one of the coldest places in central florida will have to do.

“The best thing I've been able to do is take her to the penguin encounter in Sea World, couldn't get her out,” said Ed Grant.

Another suggestion from Dr. Greves: an herb called black cohash is proven to reduce hot flashes, but again it comes with a caution.  It's not advised for women with liver disease.