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Witnesses: Woman ran over, beat dogs

An Orlando woman accused of brutally killing two dogs to seek revenge for her dead cat told Local 6 she did not hurt the dogs.

Dogfighting 'bait' dog rescued

Amara, a 6-month-old pit bull mix, has deep puncture wounds all over her frail body, ligament fractures under her head, a broken leg that didn't heal properly, and an ear that was nearly torn off.

UCF student pulls gun on attackers

The search is on for two men who fled after breaking into an apartment near the University of Central Florida.

Starbucks mug pulled at Epcot

Disney officials pull an Epcot-themed Starbucks mug from the shelves because it included ...

Cops: Door-knocker shot, killed

Police say a resident shot and killed a man who was knocking on apartment doors in Leesburg.

Boy hit, critically injured near bus

The FHP has identified the boy who was struck by a car and critically injured while crossing a road to get to his school bus in Osceola County.

Katharine the shark now off NSB

Katharine the great white shark continues to move south and is now off the coast of Volusia County.

Man dies in retention pond crash

Police say a man was found dead after an SUV plunged into a retention pond in Orlando.

Cops: Woman attacked at UCF

The University of Central Florida is on alert after a woman was attacked on campus, police say.

Report: Husband beaten with shoe

An Ormond Beach wife beat her husband with a shoe after she reportedly found him in bed with another woman.

Woman Tased, carjacked at home

Orlando police are searching for a man who shocked a woman with a Taser while carjacking her.

'Dead' cat digs out of grave

A cat that was buried after being struck by a car in Florida is found alive five days later.

Teen arrested for gun at school

A teen reported missing from Apopka is arrested on allegations that he took a gun and hollow-point bullets onto the campus of Lake County school.

Father, son take down men with guns

Orlando police arrested two men Saturday night, thanks to a father and son who jumped in to save a woman and her family from their armed attackers outside of Monster Jam.

Bear prompts school lockdown

School leaders tell Local 6 Mount Dora High School was on a modified lockdown after school leaders reported seeing a black bear near the campus Wednesday morning.

Church plans 'Jesus' statue downtown

A local church plans to erect a controversial statue named "Jesus the Homeless" in downtown Orlando.

Motorcyclist dies in Brevard crash

A motorcyclist was killed Wednesday after striking a vehicle at the intersection of Merritt Island Parkway and Banana River Drive.

Warmup follows chilly start

Central Florida sees another chilly start to the day, but temperatures will rebound going into the weekend.

Girls raped in abandoned homes

Leesburg police are looking for a group of men who gang-raped a 17-year-old and two juveniles who sexually assaulted a 12-year-old in the Carver Heights neighborhood.


Eat this, not that at breakfast

It's a morning ritual for many families: A bowl of cereal for breakfast.  But with so many choices, knowing which ones are good for you and your kids can be a challenge.

Dad of murder suspect sentenced

A judge sentenced Lothar Schaeffer to four months behind bars in two years probation. Schaeffer will start serving his time Thursday.

Teen charged in deadly crash

Eighteen-year-old Carley Csonka is arrested on vehicular homicide charges after a fatal crash in October 2014.

From Apple

Want to be happy? Get this app

New apps are promising happiness, but psychologists warn not to depend on them for emotional well-being.

Man shot near Universal Orlando

Police are asking for help finding the gunman who shot a man multiple times near Universal Orlando.

Officer vehicle overturns in crash

An Orlando officer was transported to the hospital after being involved in a crash Wednesday around 6:35 p.m.


Cops: Woman cuts kids' throats to quiet them

A young mother in Washington state has been charged with attempted murder after authorities say she cut her children's throats in an attempt to keep them quiet.

Over the weekend, Christina Booth called 911 to report that her three children were cryin...


Mayor says 2 dead in hospital blast

Thursday's gas explosion at a Mexico maternity hospital claimed two lives, Mexico City's mayor said, correcting earlier official statements with a higher death toll.

Officials also announced the detentions of three workers who were delivering gas to ...

I Shot News

Local 6 urges viewers who see news as it's happening to snap some pictures and send the photos to the station.

New bill targets drivers who pass school buses

A local senator is pushing a new plan that could land drivers who illegally pass school buses behind bars.

Raccoon freed from peanut butter jar

A raccoon in Rockledge now called "Peter Pan" is OK after a Brevard County Animal Enforcement officer came to the rescue.


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