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WATCH LIVE: News 6 specials

News 6 airs a hurricane show from 7 to 7:30 p.m. followed by a football special at 7:30…

Kevin Beary looks back at Hurricane Charley

News 6 anchor Julie Broughton talks to former Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary about the 2004 hurricane season.

How 3-D printing helps save lives

News 6's Eryka Washington shows how this new technology is making heart surgery safer for some of the tiniest patients.

Parents protest standardized testing

Some parents are taking a stand against standardized testing that they say is unfair to kids.

Big changes for TS Erika track

Tropical Storm Erika is no longer forecast to strengthen to a hurricane, but its track has shifted west and will directly affect Central Florida.

Utility companies on alert as Erika looms

Utility companies are on alert to ensure the power will stay on during Tropical Storm Erika.

Tourist stops ready for Tropical Storm Erika

News 6's Candace Campos talks to officials about how tourism in Central Florida will be affected by a tropical storm.

KCAL, KCBS, family photos

Selfie with rattlesnake turns out exactly like you think it would

Alex Gomez, 36, was picking up trash with his nephew at his family's ranch in Lake Elsinore, California, when he picked up a rattlesnake, put it around his neck and took a selfie. He was rushed to the hospital and treated with anti-venom, but the swelling may cause doctors to amputate his hand.

OPD officer confrontation with homeless man caught on video

Erik Sandoval reports on Orlando Police Department's investigation into a cellphone video that shows an officer confronting a homeless man.

Getting storm insurance protection

Local 6's Erik von Ancken breaks down storm insurance protection.

Site shows nude pics of high school girls

Clicking on a site's web links reveals hundreds of nude photographs of current and former high school students, all of which have been posted by anonymous users.

News 6 weekend webcast tracks Erika

News 6 continues to keep tabs on Tropical Storm Erika.

CTV Network

Cat makes a run at Canadian Prime Minister’s job

Earl Grey is asking for votes to become the next prime minister of Canada. His supporters worry that his political base – pets – can’t vote.

Central Fla. sandbag locations open

Emergency crews across Central Florida aren't waiting to see where Erika heads next, they are urging families to prepare.

Erika loses some punch, moves west

Tropical Storm Erika is now projected to skirt west of Tampa before making landfall in the Panhandle.

Hate crime investigation underway

The Volusia County Sheriff's Office is investigating an apparent case of road rage turned hate crime. A mother said she had turned into a driver's lane, then after nearly 3 miles, she stopped a red light only to be attacked.

Local 6 weekend webcast

Keep tabs on the weather in Central Florida with Tropical Storm Erika looming.

School bus involved in crash in Lake

A school bus is involved in a crash in Lake County.

Tropical Storm Erika sparks memories of Fay in Central Florida

The city of Deltona has been busy the last several years preparing for the next major storm after Tropical Storm Fay wreaked havoc in 2008.

Behind the Kitchen Door: Church's Chicken

Local 6's Erik von Ancken goes behind the kitchen door of Church's Chicken.

Law allows restaurant inspections

Erik von Ancken goes behind the kitchen door on Local 6.

Buffet City of Ocala shut-down again

Buffet City of Ocala shut-down again

AAA gives tips for driving on flooded streets

With Tropical Storm Erika strengthening, heavy rain is anticipated throughout the state of Florida.

David Siegel, UCF discuss mandatory drug testing

Billionaire timeshare mogul David Siegel meeting at the University of Central Florida to discuss his plan for mandatory drug testing at the university and all Orange County Public Schools.


CNN Interview: Wife describes train attack

Mark Moogalian was the first of five men to confront the AK47-wielding attacker on a high-speed train in France last week, sustaining a gunshot wound to the neck. Moogalian's wife, Isabelle Risacher Moogalian, described the incident in an exclusive interview with CNN.

Traffic reminders during storm

News 6 anchor Julie Broughton discusses traffic concerns during a major storm.

Families stock up on supplies

Just days before the storm, the water aisle is a busy place at local stores. At Publix in College Park, workers are having a hard time keeping the shelves stocked.

Crews urge residents to prepare for Erika

Counties in Central Florida are preparing for the effects of Tropical Storm Erika by providing free sandbags to residents.

FWC: Fishing with a machine 'safest' way to fish

Many people flock to Central Florida every year and don't go near an amusement park. Instead of Mickey and Goofy, they hang out with largemouth bass and speckled perch.

Supply-stuffed backpack giveaways

Bridgett Ellison showcases What's Right With Our Schools.

Local 6 weather webcast

Local 6 meteorologist Troy Bridges' weather forecast for Orlando and Central Florida.


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