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It's official: Kleiner Perkins wins gender bias case

Now, it's official: Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers did not…

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Amanda Knox 'relieved' conviction overturned

An eight-year legal drama that gripped the United States, Britain…

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First US penny sold for $1.2 million

The first U.S. penny is 223 years old, and is also worth a lot more…

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Investigators: Lubitz called 'unfit to work'

Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz was hiding an illness from his…

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Is California wine safe to drink?

A lawsuit that's causing panic among drinkers of some California wine…


Police: 2 missing in New York explosion

A powerful explosion has turned a section of New York's East Village…


Attempted murder charge in Craigslist fetal abduction

Dynel Lane, a former nurse's aide accused of stabbing a pregnant…


Astronaut lifts off on history-making mission

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly has left Earth for what could be a very…

Tony Gentile/Reuters

Obama, Pope Francis meeting scheduled

The Obamas will host Pope Francis at the White House during his first…

Harry Reid, Senate minority leader, to retire

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said Friday he won't seek…

CNN Video

Hong Kong protests parallel trading

To mainland Chinese, it's business as usual, but to some Hong Kongers, it's an invasion as Andrew Stevens reports

Museum attack witness: I was terrified


CNN's Phil Black talks to a witness of the museum attack that killed 23 in Tunisia, and also with the family of one of the attackers.

Israel's political graffiti serves as public poll


CNN's Oren Liebermann takes us on a tour of Tel Aviv's political street art days before a crucial election.

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