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George Pataki to announce presidential bid

George Pataki, the Republican who won the governorship three times…


Live anthrax inadvertently shipped by US military

Four Defense Department workers have been put in post-exposure…

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Reports: Bacon assaults man over piece of sausage

A New Jersey man was arrested and accused of assault after fighting…


For Millennials, it's good to be young, rich, and female

Rich, young women are kicking butt.

Wealthy Millennial women are more…

CNN, CNC3, Facebook, WPLG, FIFA TV

Putin rips U.S. over FIFA corruption case

Leaders worldwide are playing football with the game of football --…


While chances are low that your return will be targeted by the IRS, why put yourself at risk at all? Here are 8 relatively easy ways to steer clear of an audit.

IRS believes data theft originated in Russia

The IRS believes that a major cyber breach that allowed criminals to…

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Hear this: Apple announcements coming June 8

Let the guessing begin. Apple has started inviting reporters to the…


Chicago cops pose over black man in antlers

It's a racially charged photograph.


Why ISIS is winning, and how to reverse that success

A combination of Iraqi forces has converged on Ramadi in an effort to…


Top State Department official to depart

A top State Department official -- Wendy Sherman -- will depart…

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Batmobile spotted on 'Suicide Squad' set

Eagle-eyed fans on Instagram spotted the Batmobile in Toronto during the filming of the upcoming "Suicide Squad."

President Obama notes milestone Memorial Day


President Barack Obama observed during remarks at Arlington National Cemetery on Monday that this year is the first Memorial Day in 14 years "that the United States is not engaged in a major ground war."

Activists cross North Korean border to promote peace

A group of about 40 female activists, including American activist Gloria Steineim, walked from North Korea to South Korea Sunday, calling for peace between the two sides.

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