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ALERT: Crash blocks SR 528 EB at Airport Toll Plaza

Visit the traffic page, which features hundreds of cameras.

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Storm to mar Thanksgiving travel in Northeast

Here's one thing some will not be so thankful for: a messy mix of…


Prisoners got $70M from fake tax refund claims

Prisoners are filing bogus tax refund claims from jail, and some are…


Ferguson: Protesters torch cars but fewer arrests, incidents

The tension here got thicker with every tick of the clock Tuesday…


Ferguson protests spread coast to coast

The sparks of outrage that started in Ferguson, Missouri, have…

Holocaust victims' shoes stolen from museum

Thieves have stolen eight shoes belonging to Holocaust victims from a…

Zsuzsanna Kilian/SXC

Chinese company makes one-third of the world's cigarettes

When it comes to the tobacco business, bigger has long been…


Experts: Opening stores on Thanksgiving doesn't boost sales

WalMart, Target, Macy's, Kohl's, Kmart, Toys R Us. All of these…

Joshua Roberts/Reuters

Poll: Obama's immigration policy popular, approach isn't

President Barack Obama's policy of halting deportations for the…

Airfare is still going up, even as costs go down

Some airline costs are going down, but ticket prices are still going…


Thanksgiving by the numbers

2 -- The ranking of Thanksgiving on the list of America's favorite…

CNN Video

Obama eases families' deportation fears

CNN's Suzanne Malveaux looks President Barack Obama's new immigration rules and how they could affect families in Las Vegas area.

What will be in Obama's immigration plan?

The president plans to overhaul immigration rules, announcing some key chances in a primetime address Thursday night.

3 shot, gunman dead at Florida State

Gunshots rattled a peaceful, packed Florida State University library early Thursday, with three students getting hurt as hundreds more huddled between bookshelves before police encountered and killed the gunman outside.

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