On the same day a couple became engaged, they were robbed outside an Orange County restaurant while attempting to buy an iPad from a Craigslist seller.

The robbery happened Monday night at the Denny's on Aloma Avenue at Semoran Boulevard near Winter Park.

Greg Ramkissoon and his fiancee said they agreed to meet the seller in the parking lot because it's a well-lit public place.  They said, however, that they were ambushed by two masked men shortly after meeting the seller, who is believed to have been in on the robbery.

"It's kind of a blur, really.  It happened so fast," said Ramkissoon, who added that he and his fiancee were forced to the ground at gunpoint and robbed.  "He put the gun (out) and told me to get on the floor. Right away he asked, 'Where's the money at?'"

The couple said they were robbed of $475, which was going to be used to purchase the iPad, a purse and wallet.

"Thank God they didn't kill me," Ramkissoon said.

Ramkissoon's fiancee was able, however, to protect her new engagement ring.

"She brought her wedding ring and snuck it out and put it in her back pocket," he said.

A detailed description of the seller and the masked gunmen has not been released.