The father who deputies say abused his 5-year-old son, who later died, has been charged with first-degree murder on Friday.

"Multiple bruises in areas all over his body- the doctors feel that this was a beating that took a long period of time," said Detective Kevin Wilson.

Orange County Sheriff's Office said Darell Avant Sr., 26, was first charged with child abuse on Thursday after he punished his 5-year-old son on Wednesday for misbehaving in school.

According to the report, Avant brought his son back to their apartment where Avant spanked his son several times and ordered him to do push-ups and squats for 20 minutes.

However, autopsy reports show the cause of death is blunt force trauma- deputies say, the result of a beating.

Avant then told his son to take a shower and sometime after that, his son passed out face down, deputies said. After 25 minutes, Avant called a friend over to help and the friend began to do CPR.

When deputies arrived, the child was dead and had bruises on his torso, back and arms.

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