Osceola County detectives say they have tracked down the driver who is accused of targeting a Muslim woman in a road rage incident.

Deputies say Charles Lundquist, Jr. has been identified as the man involved in the road rage incident last week with Rose Garcia.

Garcia said she had just turned onto Poinciana Boulevard from US 192 when the truck crossed a double yellow line to pass her. She said when she and the driver made eye contact, he mocked her headscarf.

Garcia said he continued to swerve into her lane two more times, eventually pushing her car off the road into some gravel. He then followed her for the next 20 miles.

Lundquist, who was interviewed by detectives on Thursday, said that he didn't target Garcia over her religious beliefs and that he was angry over how she was driving.

He said Garcia was behind him and attempted to pass him on the right—driving on the grass to get around his truck. Lundquist this angered him and he accelerated to avoid Garcia from passing him and got in front of her on Cypress Parkway, where he slowed down several times, forcing Garcia to apply her brakes.

Lunquist said he followed her a short distance before turning down another road.

The sheriff's office said they don't believe the incident was a hate crime but have turned over the aggravated assault and stalking charges investigation to the State Attorney's office to determine if Lundquist should be charged.