Walt Disney World officials are working to accommodate park guests during President Barack Obama's visit on Thursday, in which he will address the tourism industry.

Local 6 has learned parking lots, monorails and boats will operate as normal. Guests will enter through the bag check as usual protocol and enter Main Street under the train station. They will then be routed backstage through the gate on the northeast corner of Town Square, ending up in Tomorrowland. Disney frequently uses that passageway on crowded nights, such as Fourth of July.

Guests will not be allowed on Main Street or near the president. However, a live feed of his speech will be shown in the Hall of Presidents.

Obama's visit is part of his "We Can't Wait" agenda of executive actions that he says will aid jobs and don't require congressional approval.

Officials said Obama will tour the park and give a speech specifically addressing Central Florida’s tourism, along with announcing a new strategy to significantly boost travel.

His speech will focus on how his administration will make it easier for international tourists from countries such as China and Brazil to obtain travel visas. Obama believes the United States could benefit economically by cutting wait times for potential visitors to obtain travel paperwork, officials said.

If Obama is successful in his promise to boost travel industry, local experts say it could generate lots of new employment opportunities here and around the nation.

"Hopefully what he's going to talk about is making it even easier for international visitors to come to Orlando, come to Florida," said Gary Sain, CEO of Orlando/Orange County Convention and Visitors Bureau. "Travel and tourism is not only on his radar, he really looks at this an economic driver. One that could really help us generate new jobs, increase exports, and a number of positive things for the United States," Sain said.

Obama is expected to arrive around noon on Thursday. After a two-and-a-half hour visit to Central Florida, Obama will head to a fundraiser in New York City.