Michigan: Protesters headed to city hall in Vassar earlier this month to oppose a social service agency's plan to temporarily house 60 immigrant children according to CNN affiliate WNEM.

"It's about the American government, Democrat or Republican, getting off their lazy butts and passing a decent bill where we can screen our immigrants, make sure they're not felons, diseased or whatever, and get a program set up to bring them into this country," Vassar resident Jack Smith told WNEM.

Virginia: Federal officials shelved plans to send the children to an unoccupied, historically black college campus in Lawrenceville, a small community of about 1,400, after nearly the entire town showed up at a meeting and furiously denounced the proposal.

"Our staff will immediately cease any further activities in your community," Mark Greenberg, the Department of Health and Human Services acting assistant secretary for children and families, wrote the community in June.

Prince William County officials were frustrated to learn second-hand that some children are being housed in shelters in the region.

"HHS did not inform the county. We're somewhat upset about that," Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart told CNN affiliate WJLA. "I'm concerned these children may be housed here permanently and of course there is going to be a drain on our educational system and other county services."

Maryland: Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley told CNN in an interview that he asked the White House to not send the minor immigrants to a site in western Maryland that was under consideration.

"What I said was that would not be the most inviting site in Maryland. There are already hundreds of kids already located throughout Maryland," O'Malley said. The plan was scuttled.

O'Malley officials pointed to graffiti that was found spray painted on the shelter site in Westminster, Maryland, last weekend as an indication of hostility the migrant housing plan was generating.

"No illeagles here. No undocumented Democrats," the graffiti read.

A Maryland law enforcement official told the Washington Post the message would be investigated as a hate crime.

Washington: Roughly 600 unaccompanied immigrant children from Central America may soon be heading to Joint Base Lewis-McChord south of Tacoma, according to CNN affiliate KING.

Representatives with HHS are slated to meet Wednesday with Lakewood city leaders and staffers from the office of Democratic Rep. Denny Heck to discuss the matter.

"The biggest concern we have here in DuPont is the security," DuPont City Administrator Ted Danek told the station. "You've got a lot of people coming here (with) no known backgrounds."

And on Monday, the U.S. government deported the first group of what authorities promise will be many more -- about 40 mothers and children. They flew to Honduras on a charter flight.

Despite the perils of their journey to the United States and their failed attempt to stay, one woman plans to make the trek again. There is nothing left for them at home, she said.