Lauer said she heard voices outside first, sounding like "loud talking" from the left--which is the north toward the top of the "T" in the path. She said one person said something then another but she couldn't hear what they were saying, describing the voices as "flustered."

"The yelps turned to helps" from one person, Lauer said, she can't identify.

She said she heard "scuffling" on pavement and grass. The scuffling led to wrestling and Lauer said she "felt like they would almost come in through the screen." They heard grunting and yelling noises so they moved away to call 911.

"We kinda just ducked down to the ground in the kitchen and then tried to scurry our way upstairs.  We just tried to get away from the door," Lauer said.

Lauer said she "didn't know if it was kids fooling around" and she "didn't want them to hear me snitching on them." She and her husband called 911, estimating it took 30 seconds for 911 to connect. Records show the call connected at 7:16:11, the gunshot was heard 45 seconds later and ended the cries for help.

She said she heard her neighbor one unit south of her, John Goode, go outside and say to the scufflers "What the hell are you doing" and the "helps" continued.

Fulton left the room as Lauer's 911 call was played for the jury. Tracy Martin stayed in the courtroom with his eyes downcast and not reacting to gunshot.

De la Rionda asked if Lauer ever heard someone say "you're going to die tonight motherf*****," as Zimmerman claimed Martin told him. She said she never heard that.

De la Rionda then had Lauer identify which townhome is hers in crime scene photos. She said the house numbers can be visible from the sidewalk or not, depending on location of the bushes.

She said she received an email from Zimmerman about neighborhood watch and never formally met Zimmerman, but knew of him. She said she can't say if it was Zimmerman yelling because she never heard him do that in the meetings.

O'Mara cross-examined Lauer, asking if she could make out any words. Lauer said she couldn't hear anyone say what Zimmerman says was said or Jeantel says was said.

"It sounded like they were desperate ... Really needed help," she said about the cries, calling them "life-threatening screams."

Lauer said her husband tried to grab the knife before going outside because he didn't know where the fight was at.

Lauer was then shown a picture of Zimmerman's injuries and said she couldn't identify him with the injuries.

O'Mara then asked Lauer about Homeowner's Association concerns with people walking into complex along the same path. She said she doesn't consider Zimmerman a "vigilante" and his Neighborhood Watch program involvement was appropriate.

In redirect, de la Rionda asked Lauer about the location of the screams. The jury was then brought out of the courtroom just after 4 p.m. for a proffer after the defense opened the door to Zimmerman's prior domestic violence injunction and battery arrest during cross-examination.

The defense objected to bringing in Zimmerman's domestic violence with the restraining order from his former girlfriend and his battery arrest. Lauer said she was aware of both. The jury was not in the courtroom.

Lauer was released from the stand after being questioned about her Twitter account.

The state then called Selma Mora, a Spanish-speaker with an interpreter on hand, who lived at Retreat View Circle with Mary Cutcher, who was critical of Sanford Police Department's non-arrest. 

Prosecutor John Guy questioned Mora about what she saw and heard the night of the shooting. He also questioned her about what her roommate, Cutcher, did that night.

In cross-examination, O'Mara asked Mora what direction Mora heard noise coming through using a diagram of the subdivision. O'Mara then had Mora demonstrate how she looked out of the window to see what was going on outside.

O'Mara also asked how Zimmerman appeared to act after the shooting and if Zimmerman appeared to be concerned. Mora said he could have looked concerned. Guy asked a few quick redirect questions  before Mora was excused.

Court was recessed until 9 a.m. on Friday.

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Martin family attorney Daryl Parks and O'Mara held separate news conferences after court on Thursday.