A Lyman High School teacher is under investigation after she was accused of making inappropriate comments and engaging in inappropriate acts.

According to Seminole County Public Schools, Jeannie Michaud made inappropriate comments that embarrassed a student who attempted to turn in a paper ahead of the deadline.

Michaud has also made other inappropriate comments to students, engaged in inappropriate acts in class and intentionally showed and talked to students about a wooden object that represented male genitals, the district said.

The investigation into the student's complaint revealed Michaud engaged in other inappropriate acts and made inappropriate comments to other students this and last school year.

Among a dozen warnings, in Jan. 2009, Michaud was given a letter of reprimand, $1,000 fine and others agreed upon stipulations in a settlement agreement between the Department of Education's Professional Practices Services for inappropriate comments and conversations with students.

In Sept. 2007, the district said Michaud received a letter of caution for making inappropriate comments in the presence of or directed at students during an incident involving a group of students in a stairwell.

In July 2004, Michaud received a letter of reprimand for unprofessional conduct and/or comments in the presence of students, resulting in termination from her summer school assignment, according to the district.

In 1995, Michaud was given a memorandum of directive for inappropriate or demeaning language to students, the district said.

In 1991, the district said Michaud was suspended without pay for a year and others agreed upon stipulations outlined in an agreement between Michaud and the Seminole County School Board.

As far back as June 1986, the district said Michaud received a notice for unprofessional and/or improper conduct regarding student grades.

The district recommended that Michaud be suspended without pay on Oct. 23. A future recommendation for Michaud is termination, which the district will decide at its next board meeting.

Michaud has been an employee of Seminole County Public Schools for 31 years, the district said.