An 18-year-old Seminole County man was arrested on allegations of firing a shotgun at another vehicle in a road rage incident.

Paul Young, of Lake Mary, was arrested on charges of discharging a weapon into a vehicle.  No one was injured in the shooting.

Deputies said the incident began just before 4 p.m. on Markham Woods Road and the shot was fired near the intersection of Lake Mary Boulevard and International Parkway.

According to investigators, Young got out of his car at a red light and grabbed a shotgun from the trunk before firing a shot into the passenger side of a pickup truck.  Officials said the two vehicles had been involved in a traffic dispute.

Deputies later detained three people, including Young, for questioning. Young was arrested and taken to jail.

According to investigators, Young said he fired in self-defense because the pickup truck backed up at the red light, nearly striking him or his vehicle.