Although she is only aware of one complaint about sky lanterns in Cape Canaveral, Apperson suspects others who may have have observed sky lanterns are unaware of their potential threat and didn't report it.

It is also difficult for law enforcement to locate the launcher of a sky balloon that is seen drifting miles away.

Brevard County Sheriff’s Office concedes it needs assistance in the form of reports and documentation of fireworks law violations.

“We definitely need the public’s help in trying to identify who is setting them off,” said sheriff’s office spokeswoman Deputy Maria Fernez. “A good way of doing that is snapping a picture or video.”

Brevard County Fire Marshal Frank Scates worries that may be too late to prevent a fire caused by a sky lantern that could threaten lives and property.

“You don’t have control of them, you don’t know where they are going to land,” Scates said. “Hopefully they go out before they come back to Earth, but there is no guarantee. You have a potential fire waiting to happen.”